1. Sound Masking For Your Office

    You may have heard of it before… (ok, that was too easy), but sound masking is a relatively new technology that is based on a centuries old idea. The quest for peace and quiet. Just like good fences make good neighbors, the idea that quiet work environments make for increased productivity, has become the standard in offices around the world. At Mark IV Communications we specialize in the latest …Read More

  2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of New Construction

    If you are building a new facility, you have both the best and worst issues to deal with. On one hand, the possibilities are endless, and you can have complete control over everything. On the down side, building a new facility can be a nightmare. Established buildings have the distinct advantage of having infrastructure already in place, but with new construction, the design of every aspect is und…Read More

  3. The Speed of Technology

    In today's business world many companies simply rely on the old standby of regular phone lines. Not that there is anything wrong with traditional phone lines, they do serve their purpose and in many cases they are the best option. The current trend in data and phone cable management is to still rely on traditional phone lines. Calling the use of a traditional phone line a “trend” is highly acc…Read More

  4. Relocation and Moving Your Communication Infrastructure

    Moving your business is an exciting time and generally, the biggest change you will make. There is a reason that established businesses are located in the same spot for years, it is an incredible pain to move a business. If you have an office related business, the chairs and desks are difficult enough to move, much less all of your technology. That is why Mark IV Communications prides itself on be…Read More

  5. Modern Security for a Digital World

    It might seem like all we do at Mark IV Communications is server rooms, repairing cabling nightmares and installing cables. While that may be true, we also do much more than that. We take pride in being a full service technology infrastructure company, able to provide superior integration of your technology needs seamlessly with your building. Gone are the days when it is possible to run nothing m…Read More

  6. Happy New Year From Mark IV Communications!

    In the spirit of the holidays we decided that it would be a good idea to have a little bit of fun. At Mark IV Communications we are committed to providing the best possible cabling services. We are experts at server room design, rectifying the cabling nightmares that can occur over time and installing security solutions for your business. We are all business, and we put our customers’ needs firs…Read More

  7. Mark IV Communications- High Voltage Since ‘84

    Alot has changed in the last 32 years. The ubiquitous cord has virtually ruled our lives since electricity began flowing through flexible cables; previously, bare copper rods were utilized. As a society we have a huge dependence on cabling in general. The only reason we are able to have a wireless society is because of the massive amounts of cable crisscrossing the globe. There are power grids, in…Read More

  8. Declutter Your Server Room Cabling

    We all have seen it. The insane wiring nightmare that occurs behind the TV and entertainment center. The best intentions are usually apparent by the semblance of an intelligent plan and then it seems that the cables, power cords and HDMI cables for a mind of their own; twisting themselves into a seemingly impenetrable balls of tangle. At Mark IV Communications we are at the forefront of server roo…Read More

  9. Future Technology…Today!

    It’s fun to watch old television and movies, especially science fiction, to see what they predicted technology would be like in the future. While some of the technological leaps they predicted were natural extensions of pre-existing tech (cell phones), other fictional gadgets still don’t exist. Yet. One of the hardest parts about creating new technology is having the solid foundation in which …Read More

  10. Moving Your Network to a New Office

    Moving is the worst. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to move and you and your employees will all be much happier at your new location, but it’s still a huge drain on your pocketbook, your time, and your happiness. While a lot of office moving companies say that they’ll move all of your network equipment and data cabling, that’s about all they’ll do. They might be…Read More