Moving Your Network To A New Office

Moving is the worst. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to move and you and your employees will all be much happier at your new location, but it’s still a huge drain on your pocketbook, your time, and your happiness. While a lot of office moving companies say that they’ll move all of your network equipment and data cabling, that’s about all they’ll do. They might be able to get it to your new building but they don’t know what to do with any of it. And because they don’t know what it does, they’re probably less able to tell if anything is missing or in the wrong place. At Mark IV Communications, Inc we have an impeccable record for relocating your business’s cabling and network setup.

We Don’t Just Tear It Down

When you hire Mark IV to move your network to your new location, we begin our work by creating an organizational system to keep track of your equipment. This allows us to start from zero and work outwards to ensure that we don’t miss anything, because even one piece of equipment being misplaced or in the wrong order can cause problems for your business. Causing more problems is not what we do at Mark IV.

We also extensively document all patching that occurs into and out of your servers so we know that when we set it back up it’s going to be just like if we teleported it to your new building

Setting Up Your New Space

When we get your network components into your new space we will start setting it up in the way that you want. This includes remounting all of your equipment and making sure everything is powered fully and safely. If there are some unforeseen complications, don’t worry. We’re experts at not only moving, but also designing and implementing new networks and optimizing existing ones. Mark IV will get your network running no matter what.

What If The New Space Needs Something?

If we find that your new building isn’t able to handle your network, or if you want to upgrade before everything is back up and running, we can design a new system. We’ll handle everything from server room design to fiber optic cable installation to security cameras, as well as run any of the cabling that you might need. We can even dig new trenches to lay cable if the option isn’t in the new building. Basically, we can do anything that you need to make your business work at the speed it has to.

If your business is thinking about moving to a space that better fits your current needs, call Mark IV today. We can help you start planning your move and dealing with any potential problems beforehand. Our relocation record is perfect and we’d love to continue our streak by moving your network system and data cabling to your perfect new location. Call us today for more information about why we are the only option in Orange County for moving your business the right way.