Cable Trenching For Your Orange County Business

When people think about data cabling, they often think about the countless bits of information traveling along the cables and through the wireless infrastructure of their business. However, one area that cannot be forgotten is the physical trenching that is involved with cable installation. At Mark IV Communications in Orange County, we can provide professional trenching services that will adequately bury your new telecommunications lines and ensure nothing compromises the connection to your fiber optic network.

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Every Trenching Project Is Unique

While there are some universal aspects to cable trenching, each project we undertake is unique and requires a precise approach to ensure success. Proper planning, design, and execution is key to every project, but adjusting the plans and designs to fit the conditions of each project helps us avoid issues during the trenching process. Various soil and rock conditions can be encountered during trenching, and we have the equipment to deal with every variable. Our team also understands the depth and width requirements for every cable trench, as well as the local codes and ordinances for burying telecommunications conduits. We will also make sure the trenches are properly filled and graded for water drainage, and that there is no risk of sinking or settling.

If you’re upgrading your business’ cable network, or you’ve added another building and need to run new cable lines, contact Mark IV today. We have years of experience with cable trenching, and will create the optimal plan for your grounds or campus. Call us today at (949) 462-9000!