Mark IV Communications- High Voltage Since ‘84

Alot has changed in the last 32 years. The ubiquitous cord has virtually ruled our lives since electricity began flowing through flexible cables; previously, bare copper rods were utilized. As a society we have a huge dependence on cabling in general. The only reason we are able to have a wireless society is because of the massive amounts of cable crisscrossing the globe. There are power grids, internet networks and a multitude of hard cables connecting us to one another. The hidden lymphatic system of your daily lives. At Mark IV Communications we have been installing data cabling since the standardization of the ethernet. We are experts in the fields of cabling, security, server room design and installation, and even trenching. If it has cabling in frastructure, we are the firm you can trust.

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Cabling In The 80’S

At the dawn of the 1980’s it was clear that computers were poised to take over the business world. Particularly due to the speed and accuracy at which tasks could be completed, speeding up the pace of business forever. Gone were the days when a designated mathematician was staffed at the office, now computers generally are able to do whatever we need for us. The early machines were able to use the aging telephone infrastructure and even into the 1990’s the standard was dial up, watch old episodes of the X-Files and you will see what I mean. That was only 20 years ago and the technology has increased exponentially since then.

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Invisible Infrastructure

A good way to look at the complexities of today’s communication network is to consider just how invisible most of the infrastructure is. That may sound like a contradiction but almost everything used to be tethered to a cord, be it internet or power, it used to be impossible to be truly mobile and utilize a computer. As the technology increased, the server rooms began to grow and the availability of wireless communication became a reality. This made for a business environment of constant contact and increasing speed. We offer virtually every service for network cabling and design, regardless of scope or needs. Mark IV is Orange County’s premier cabling contractor offering unrivaled experience and consistent, professional installation.

The Next 20 Years

When we began in 1984 the possibilities for cabling were limited by the technology but very soon, the technology caught up to the machines and Cat 5 data cable became more prevalent. Now, an interesting thing is that telephones in the home are no longer as important as they used to be. Just another evolution of the technology that we so desperately depend on.Think about what the next 20 years will look like. The only certainty is that Mark IV will be there, catering to the communication needs of the businesses of 2036. If you don’t want to wait that long however, please give us a call at Mark IV Communications for the finest in communication cabling and design contractor, if it is cable we have you covered. Call today for your estimate and special offers for first time customers.