Declutter Your Server Room Cabling

We all have seen it. The insane wiring nightmare that occurs behind the TV and entertainment center. The best intentions are usually apparent by the semblance of an intelligent plan and then it seems that the cables, power cords and HDMI cables for a mind of their own; twisting themselves into a seemingly impenetrable balls of tangle. At Mark IV Communications we are at the forefront of server room design and data cabling services in Orange County. A leader in cable installation since 1984, Mark IV communications has seen the beginning of networking infrastructure and adapted to the changing times.


Rat’s Nest

It is really unknown why the cables behind your TV turn themselves into rat’s nests, seemingly without rhyme or reason. Back when we started the cabling on your TV consisted of only a few wires. The television power cable, antenna wire and if installed, a cable TV cable. Today we have fiber optics, HDMI, Cat 5 and all sorts of other audio, video, and data cables snaking around behind your TV. Now think about the cabling involved in wiring an office building with hundreds of PC’s, video screens, and office infrastructure like printers. The cabling for a situation like that is almost too complicated to be dealt with on a normal scale.


Building Intelligent Communications Infrastructure

This is what we do at Mark IV Communications. We build your communications infrastructure to fit your business and we do it without the inevitable rat’s nest of cabling that tends to occur whenever a large amount of wiring is necessary. A server room should be designed, not simply put together, and we are highly experienced in designing a server room that fits your current needs as well as your future expansion needs. It takes true vision and experience to design an intelligent cabling system. Sometimes, just like your TV, when you expand your server more cables are required, maybe a month later more expansion and more cables.

It is easy to see how this can all become out of control very easy, creating a situation that can be visually and organizationally disturbing. The potential for your server room the begin looking like the back of your TV, is increased by the length of time that you have been in business. We know how it is, add a cable here, drop a cable to another server, and soon you have a mess. At Mark IV Communications we can come into your server room or office and rectify years of what can be referred to as cable abuse. Cable abuse is not generally a conscious decision it occurs over years and becomes worse every year, kind of like male pattern baldness. We can come in like a hair transplant and straighten out your neglected server room, not only making it more efficient, but attractive as well.


Mark IV Is The Solution

For the finest server room design, server room cable clean up and even server room installation; please contact us today for your comprehensive estimate and special offers for new clients. Take back your server space with Mark IV Communications