Provide Your Customers With High Speed Service

In today’s fast-paced world, your customers want service and information at a moment’s notice. They may be calling in to speak with someone, or you may have a service request form that they fill out online, but regardless of how your customers contact you, it’s important that you’re able to respond quickly and effectively. If your company could benefit from a server room upgrade or a new computer network, Mark IV Communications can help.


Don’t Fall Behind The Competition

We’ve served Orange County since 1984, and have seen amazing advances in networking technology and installation techniques. Servers have gotten smaller as server rooms have gotten bigger, as the amount of information a business needs to process on a daily basis has grown exponentially and more servers are needed for those tasks. If your processing power isn’t up to or above the industry standard, you can quickly fall behind your competition and potentially lose customers to them. We’ll devise the ideal server room design for your office, complete with network racks, data cabling, and hot and cold aisle containment.

If your servers or network are struggling to keep up with customer calls, emails, and service requests, contact us today to begin your server room project. We provide fast turnaround times, and have a large inventory of server and network cabling equipment available. Instead of always playing catch-up with client requests, you can be one or even two steps ahead of the game. Call us today at (949) 462-9000 in Foothill Ranch to learn more!