One of the largest expenses faced by new and growing businesses is building a cabling infrastructure. At Mark IV Communications, Inc. in Orange County, we’re here to help. We have gently used network cabling and server room equipment available for purchase. We’ll make sure your servers, cables, wires, and everything else connected to your information infrastructure is properly connected, hidden, and secure. Your business needs to be up and running fast, and we’ll work quickly and efficiently to install new cabling, repair old cabling, or redesign the configuration of your current network.

Choosing the Right Cabling Equipment

After looking through our current inventory of data and network equipment below, you can begin to form a fairly solid idea of the products your business needs. However, there may still be other components your network needs, and we can help you choose the proper ones. From voice cabling and phone systems to internet cables and server racks, we can recommend the ideal products for your company. You might be adding more employees or increasing your server network, and without the right cabling setup, workflow can be negatively affected and bandwidth severely limited.

If you’re in need of network cabling and design in Orange County, please contact us right away. We’ve served the area for more than 30 years, and would love nothing more than to help you find the right cabling components, install your new network, or help you rethink your server setup. If you have questions about cabling, network design, or a certain product, please call us at (949) 462-9000 today!