1. Sound Masking For Your Office

    You may have heard of it before… (ok, that was too easy), but sound masking is a relatively new technology that is based on a centuries old idea. The quest for peace and quiet. Just like good fences make good neighbors, the idea that quiet work environments make for increased productivity, has become the standard in offices around the world. At Mark IV Communications we specialize in the latest …Read More

  2. Security Cameras Can Help Prove Liability

    As a business owner, you take the proper precautions to protect yourself against liability. You take out insurance and instruct your employees on proper safety measures, entrance and exit protocols, and what to do when an incident occurs. In many instances, the accounts of those who witnessed the incident, as well as the affected party are the only evidence a business owner has when speaking with …Read More

  3. Secure Your New Office with CCTV and Access Controls

    Building and moving into a new commercial space is exciting, and both you and your employees are most likely looking forward to getting settled into the office. Once you're in, you want to be sure that everything is where it needs to be, but more importantly, you want to know the building is secure. If you're nearing completion on your new building, contact Mark IV Communications to discuss secu…Read More

  4. Protect Precious Inventory with Surveillance Cameras

    It's an unfortunate truth, but businesses around the country fall victim to break-ins every year. These incidents can include trespassing, vandalism, and burglary, and it's important to protect your building from such events. At Mark IV Communications, we can provide your Orange County business with surveillance cameras and monitoring systems so you can keep your employees and any precious invento…Read More

  5. Protect Your Business with Security Camera Systems

    Your business is very important to you, and you want to be sure that it and the employees who work for you are protected at all times. If your company receives visitors on a daily basis, it’s important to have security protocols in place to protect your property, people, and assets. If you have a security camera system, but it’s outdated or doesn’t seem to work properly, Mark IV Communicatio…Read More