You may have heard of it beforeā€¦ (ok, that was too easy), but sound masking is a relatively new technology that is based on a centuries old idea. The quest for peace and quiet. Just like good fences make good neighbors, the idea that quiet work environments make for increased productivity, has become the standard in offices around the world. At Mark IV Communications we specialize in the latest in sound masking technology. We offer installation and design in offices that are new construction as well as existing buildings. We offer a variety of options for sound masking and are also Orange County’s leading data cable and security system contractor.


The general premise behind sound masking can trace its roots back to when the Romans learned how to make vast systems of fountains. The cascading water in front of the home provided a sense of privacy for the occupants of the house and probably blocked the noise from getting in. In modern times we use a much more sophisticated delivery system for the noise but it is the same concept to say the least. Offices can be noisy places and many years ago certain industrious individuals began experimenting with introducing background noise into their office environments. The major reason for sound masking has always been to increase the ease of communication within a noisy office environment. The idea is that, through introducing sound at a regulated level, the sounds that are intrusive can effectively be blocked.


Another part of sound masking has to do with privacy. In the systems that Mark IV installs and designs, it is possible to adjust the level of noise in certain areas of the office in order to create increased privacy. Think of it as a door made of sound that keeps others from hearing critical conversations. To explore the viability of sound masking in your office, please give Mark IV a call today and take the steps towards a more peaceful office.