It’s an unfortunate truth, but businesses around the country fall victim to break-ins every year. These incidents can include trespassing, vandalism, and burglary, and it’s important to protect your building from such events. At Mark IV Communications, we can provide your Orange County business with surveillance cameras and monitoring systems so you can keep your employees and any precious inventory safe from harm and theft.

Retail Establishments

dreamstime_xxl_66776952One of the most popular burglary targets are retail establishments and local storefronts. Thieves know there are valuable goods inside these stores, and will devise competent plans to steal whatever they can. With a proper security camera system, you can view and record everything going on inside and outside your store, even after you’ve closed for the night. If you have nighttime staff, we’ll show them how to properly operate the security system and review any footage that shows trespassers or potential burglars entering your commercial property after dark. As a store manager or owner, you’ll also be able to remotely access the camera system and see for yourself what’s going on at any given time.

Employee Surveillance

Another unfortunate truth surrounding retail establishments is theft by employees. You have interior cameras to make the store safer and spot any shoplifters, but it’s also effective at detecting any improper behavior by employees, such as theft or abuse. Your employees should know that there are cameras, but if there is an incident, it can be very beneficial to have video footage as evidence.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your employees, customers, or store inventory, consider adding new surveillance cameras. Mark IV can design the ideal system for your store or office building, and install the cameras and recording equipment in no time at all.