1. Your Servers Are the Heart of Your Business

    Filing cabinets and folders can still be found in modern businesses, as some owners still prefer to have a hard copy of every file and every account. However, with the amount of information that can be stored on your local servers, it makes sense to take the time to create the optimal setup for your network. At Mark IV Communications in Orange County, we can provide exceptional server room design …Read More

  2. Protect Your Business with Security Camera Systems

    Your business is very important to you, and you want to be sure that it and the employees who work for you are protected at all times. If your company receives visitors on a daily basis, it’s important to have security protocols in place to protect your property, people, and assets. If you have a security camera system, but it’s outdated or doesn’t seem to work properly, Mark IV Communicatio…Read More

  3. Update Your Company’s Data Cabling

    In today’s fast-paced and connected world, it’s essential for a company to have the proper data cabling in place so that its phones, computers, servers, and other integral components have the speed and access they need to keep the company competitive. A phone network that’s constantly breaking down or computers that can’t access information put the business at a disadvantage and could mean…Read More