1. Fixing the Negative Effects of Sound in Your Orange County Workplace

    According to a study done at Cornell University, it was determined that most workers feel most comfortable, and the least distracted, when an office was at a decibel level between 48-52 dB. An average decibel level of more than 65 dB was considered to be disruptive by a majority of office workers. While 65 dB might seem like a very high amount of noise, the list below will show just how little noi…Read More

  2. Data Cabling Services in the Office

    If you look around your office, chances are you won’t be able to name everything that has to be wired in. Most people can’t. And that’s exactly why it is so important for you to hire a company that has the know-how and the experience to make sure that everything that needs to be wired up gets wired up correctly, from computers to phone systems, and televisions to security cameras. Mark IV is…Read More

  3. Security Cameras Can Help Prove Liability

    As a business owner, you take the proper precautions to protect yourself against liability. You take out insurance and instruct your employees on proper safety measures, entrance and exit protocols, and what to do when an incident occurs. In many instances, the accounts of those who witnessed the incident, as well as the affected party are the only evidence a business owner has when speaking with …Read More

  4. Single-Mode Versus Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cables

    When it comes to fiber optic cable installation, companies are often content with leaving the details to the professionals. Information technology is constantly changing, and keeping up with the specifications of data cabling and network installation can often be a lot for one person. However, there are those who want to know how their email can reach the other side of the world in less than a se…Read More

  5. Provide Your Customers with High Speed Service

    In today's fast-paced world, your customers want service and information at a moment's notice. They may be calling in to speak with someone, or you may have a service request form that they fill out online, but regardless of how your customers contact you, it's important that you're able to respond quickly and effectively. If your company could benefit from a server room upgrade or a new computer …Read More

  6. Secure Your New Office with CCTV and Access Controls

    Building and moving into a new commercial space is exciting, and both you and your employees are most likely looking forward to getting settled into the office. Once you're in, you want to be sure that everything is where it needs to be, but more importantly, you want to know the building is secure. If you're nearing completion on your new building, contact Mark IV Communications to discuss secu…Read More

  7. Make Sure Your Conference Room is Connected

    As a business owner, you know how important it is to meet with and connect with clients. Those connections can be face-to-face, over the phone, or through video conferencing, and with the last two, the only way to provide effective communication is to have proper network cabling. If you're setting up a new conference area in your building, or you need to upgrade the technology in your current conf…Read More

  8. Protect Precious Inventory with Surveillance Cameras

    It's an unfortunate truth, but businesses around the country fall victim to break-ins every year. These incidents can include trespassing, vandalism, and burglary, and it's important to protect your building from such events. At Mark IV Communications, we can provide your Orange County business with surveillance cameras and monitoring systems so you can keep your employees and any precious invento…Read More

  9. Upgrading or Expanding Your Phone System?

    With smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices dominating communications in today's world, it's often easy to forget that office phone networks still rely on cables and wires to function. The technology has changed quite a bit since the first phone jacks were installed over one hundred years ago, but it's still important to have cables where they need to be for your salespeople and office s…Read More

  10. Cable Trenching for Your Orange County Business

    When people think about data cabling, they often think about the countless bits of information traveling along the cables and through the wireless infrastructure of their business. However, one area that cannot be forgotten is the physical trenching that is involved with cable installation. At Mark IV Communications in Orange County, we can provide professional trenching services that will adequat…Read More